TBR Talk: August 2020

I’m back after a bit of a hiatus, with some TBR Talk for this month. By now, everyone knows that I’m not great at sticking to a designated reading list each month. However, I    still like to create a stack with the intention of reading the books I’ve selected. I’m definitely a mood reader and often select something completely off of my list. This month I’ve decided to select only novellas, in an effort to get out of my reading funk with with some shorter books. Aside from these, I’ll be working my way through my shelf of review copies, which have been neglected far too long.

This month I’m back with a new rock-themed challenge. I  love music as much as books, and I’d like to incorporate more of it into my bookish world. That means you’re going to see more challenges as well as blog/social media posts marrying these two things. August’s challenge is called ROCK ‘N READS 2020, and it’s an homage to 80’s and 90’s rock. I’d originally planned to do a separate challenge for each decade, but in the end I   decided a combination was best for now. If you read my posts on Instagram, you will learn more about the challenge. The basic rundown is that each day features a song title and a bookish prompt derived from that title. This one has had some great reception, and I  am very much looking forward to seeing what everyone posts throughout the month.

Here’s a photo of this month’s TBR stack…along with my “glamour shot” with Tommy Lee:


That’s the rundown for this month. I’m happy to be back to reading, reviewing and posting. I’ve made a few changes for my mental health, and this year has been rough, but  it’s teaching me many lessons. For those who have been waiting on a review from me, I    apologize for the delay and appreciate the understanding. If you’ve sent a book my way for review, I  will get to it as soon as possible.