Hello, I’m Jamie. I’m a lifelong night owl and horror lover from Michigan. My love of spooky things began as a child, when I first noticed that other kids were scared of the movies I treasured. Films such as Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal, and Return to Oz fascinated me and sparked my imagination. Then came the Goosebumps and Fear Street book series by R.L. Stine, which ignited my love of horror fiction. I devote as much time as possible to reading, reviewing, and my other love—listening to music. When I’m not engaged in those activities, I’m likely cooking, hunting for vintage paperbacks, daydreaming, or exploring the local scenery (while also taking photos of books).

Personal Statement: 

My intentions with reviewing are to:

-Share my honest thoughts with other readers

-Connect with readers, reviewers, and authors to discuss shared interests

-Promote the horror genre

-Shine light on lesser-known authors who deserve more attention


Review Policies


-I post full reviews on my blog, GoodReads, and Amazon, and regularly post a blurb with a link to my full review on my Instagram and Twitter accounts (@rock_n_reads).

-I’m open to most sub-genres of horror, and work that qualifies as dark fiction. I’m especially passionate about promoting the work of indie authors and publishers. I will read anything that catches my interest, however, my favorite genres aside from horror include: thrillers, poetry, Irish literature, and memoirs/biography.

-I will provide an honest review of the book provided. At this time, I’ve decided to stop using star ratings on my personal blog, only noting them on sites such as GoodReads and Amazon, or on guest reviews that require a rating. I typically tag authors and publishers in my favorable reviews. If there is any reason you wish to not be tagged, please inform me of this when you submit a request and I will respect these wishes.

When submitting a review request, please include the following information:

  • Title of book
  • Publication Date
  • Synopsis (or a link to where I can view this information)
  • Preferred date for review completion

-It is my goal to post reviews prior to or on the release date if possible, but several factors may influence my ability to do so.

-Please send all review requests to jsl0402@gmail.com 

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