Book Review: LABYRINTH OF THE DOLLS by Craig Wallwork

Craig Wallwork’s Labyrinth of the Dolls is an excellent follow-up to his novel Bad People. Sometimes, a sequel doesn’t have that something special that’s found in the first book, but that’s not the case with this one. I’m a fan of both, but I think that this new release might be my favorite so far.  

Wallwork has created another solid read with this novel. This is a perfectly paced thrill ride, packed with moments of shock and suspense, but the best part is that the story has heart. I loved following the characters that the author created in the first book, digging deep into their past and understanding their motives. Another aspect that stands out is how the author is able to create empathy not only for the protagonist, but for the antagonists as well. I found this especially true in Bad People, and it also applies in this follow up. 

I think I mentioned this in my review of the first novel, but it’s worth repeating: if you’re a fan of gritty crime thrillers such as True DetectiveThe Killing, or Se7en, you’ll enjoy this read. This one took me on a dark and dreary adventure, but left me with a bit of hope, which I enjoy. Books like this make me want to seek out more thrillers in general, and I would love to see this series continue or make it to the big screen. 

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