Book Review: THE RAVEN by Jonathan Janz

Sometime last year, I caught myself moving too quickly through the work of Jonathan Janz. In fear that I’d run out of reads, I slowed my roll. I think it’s now safe to catch up, as he has several new releases on the way. Instead of opting for one of the unread titles still on my shelf, I decided to start back up with THE RAVEN, Janz’s upcoming September release.

I was a bit hesitant to take on a post-apocalyptic story, as they aren’t usually my favorite. However, Janz is one of the authors that I trust can write in any genre and create something special. I was pleasantly surprised at the unique spin he placed on this topic. The apocalyptic event and its aftermath are unlike anything I’ve read before, so that got things started on the right foot.

As with other books by this author, I enjoyed the infusion of heart and humor that flows within the horror. Right away I was drawn to the character of Dez and enjoyed getting to know his backstory. There were several other memorable characters along the way– some favorable and others downright vicious, and they all came to life among the pages. I liked that the villains in this world were not all alike. The apocalyptic event created many different predators, each with their own set of skills and traits that made them feared by others.

My favorite parts of this novel were those in which Dez was on the move and making connections with other people. The reader witnesses his strong survival skills in action but also sees a softer side as we’re given access to his thoughts and memories. I struggled a bit with a portion of the book leading up to the climax; it was just a bit drawn out for my liking.

Overall, I enjoyed this novel. It’s creative and entertaining, with all the features that make Jonathan Janz a master at his craft. Time spent in the worlds he creates is always comfortable, exciting, and worthwhile.


Publisher: Flame Tree Press

Release Date: September 8, 2020

*Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an advance e-book copy for review consideration.

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