Book Review: DEAD DAUGHTERS by Tim Meyer

I’ve been on a roll with reading some solid 5-star thrillers lately, and DEAD DAUGHTERS is no exception. This is only my second read from Tim Meyer, and while I never had doubts I’d be seeking out more, reading this novel just confirmed that fact and bumped his other books higher on my TBR pile.

It’s always great to discover authors who can write across genres, and I’ve definitely noticed that is one of Meyer’s strengths. His novel THE SWITCH HOUSE was a heart-pounding story with my favorite triple threat—horror, humor, and heart. I was pleased to discover that DEAD DAUGHTERS offers up the same experience in a slightly different package. It’s a dark thriller with elements of horror, full of disturbing images that I won’t forget any time soon.

I was gripped by this story from the beginning, fully invested as I learned more about the characters and watched their experience unfold. This author does an excellent job creating characters that the reader comes to care about. The empathy came easy for me—it never felt like I was searching for relatable or redeemable elements about these characters. I even found myself conflicted about my feelings for the antagonists later on in the story. The dialogue, details, and insight into the characters’ experience all work together to gain investment from the reader.

I mentioned that this story had a hold on me from its early pages, and this only intensified as I moved further into the book. I felt a slow, creeping dread from the moment things begin to go south for Drew and his family, and this continued to build throughout the novel. By the time I reached the last 100 pages or so, I had to force myself to put the book down. Once I picked it back up, I couldn’t flip through fast enough—I just had to know what was coming next. There are many twists and turns in this story—I thought the mystery and the anticipation of what was coming were so well done. Meyer kept me on my toes the whole time I was reading this, and just when I thought I had it figured out, I was wrong.

It’s tough to say more about this one for fear of giving away too much—no spoilers here! I’ll just sum this up by sharing that I am excited to see what Tim Meyer writes next, and to catch up on his previous work that’s on my shelf. I’m starting to see a pattern here. Not only does Meyer’s work contain the elements I’ve listed above, but it also exudes authenticity, and that’s something I’ll always show up for as a reader.

5/5 Stars

Publisher: Poltergeist Press

Release Date: April 16, 2020

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