February 2020 Wrap-Up


While January seemed to last forever, February seemed to pass in a blur. I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t get through my entire TBR pile, but this is no surprise, as I    always tend to stray due to mood reads. Between work being crazy busy, illness, and travel, my reading time was decreased this month. Despite all of the distractions, I managed to read 7 books, which isn’t bad.

I  have to say, the highlight of my month was the opportunity to beta read again. I had the privilege of reading two novellas early on, and I can’t wait to write a proper review for the release of those books.

In March, I’ll be hosting my first book challenge on Instagram. It’s a 60s/70s classic rock-theme, and I’ll be joined by a couple other music lovers as co-hosts. There will be weekly book giveaways for those who participate. I’m excited for this, and hope that a lot of readers will join in!

You can see my monthly wrap-up on the chart below. Stay tuned for my March “TBR Talk” post tomorrow!

Title Author Rating Recap
Miscreations Various (Edited by Doug Murano & Michael Bailey) 4 Discovered several new authors while reading this collection; solid mix of stories
Forest Underground Lydian Faust 5 I loved this story—looking forward to reading this author’s new poetry collection next
Mandibles Jeff Strand 4 This was a fun read! Hilarious and creeptastic at the same time; I didn’t know what to expect, and I’m definitely interested in reading more from Strand
Lucid Screams Red Lagoe 4 Solid short fiction collection- every story was unique. Atmospheric and haunting.
The Switch House Tim Meyer 5 A unique story; really creeped me out (which is rare) and I read it in one sitting
Communion (Beta Read) Steve Stred 4 Really enjoyed this follow up to RITUAL; left me in suspense for the next installment and there were many creepy moments.
Calamity (Beta Read) Matt Hayward 5 Proof that Matt Hayward can write anything in any genre and it will be awesome. Can’t wait to have a hard copy of this and to post a review as the release date is closer.

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