Book Review: THE SWITCH HOUSE by Tim Meyer

As I was selecting my February TBR reads, I could no longer ignore the stack of Tim Meyer’s work calling to me from across the room. I decided to make The Switch House my first read from this author, and I think it was a great place to start.

I have to mention that the cover is cool and creepy, and that influenced my choice a bit. But the content inside the book is what counts, and this story surely matches the cover vibe—it met all of my expectations for a great horror tale. While I enjoy most of the classic horror tropes, there’s nothing I love more than a fresh spin on those tales, and I think that’s what the author has done here.

Tim Meyer has certainly created a unique story in this novel. To me, The Switch House is ultimately about haunting, but it’s not limited to one entity. In this short novel, the reader experiences haunted happenings not only in the house, but also through the characters. Angela, Terry, and Rosalyn are all haunted by their past choices, and their pain is enhanced by the supernatural elements at play. Strong character development is important to me as a reader, as it weighs heavy on my connection to the story. I thought the characters in this novel were relatable, and found myself empathizing with them all at different points in the story.

The pacing is spot on, and I just loved the overall creepiness I felt while reading this one. As I ventured through the story, I couldn’t help but think of some of my favorite horror films (Poltergeist, Insidious, and Drag Me to Hell, just to name a few). I’m not sure if the author was influenced by these, but there were certain scenes that created an atmosphere or a feeling similar to what I experienced while watching those films. I think this was because of the supernatural and occult elements to the story, and some of the visual images that came to mind for me. This really enhanced my reading experience.

As I always mention, I love author notes. This novel closes with an afterword, which gave a bit more insight into the creation of this story. I enjoyed having this information, and was  pleasantly surprised to find a few short stories at the end of the book. The short stories were also great, and those combined with the main story in this novel are enough to guide me toward more of Meyer’s writing. I loved that this novel was unlike any other horror stories that I’ve read. It’s unique, creeped me out (which doesn’t always happen), and I read it in one sitting. Everyone knows I love a mix of humor, horror, and heart, and this story has a bit of each. I’ll definitely be adding more of Tim Meyer’s work to my reading list soon.

5/5 Stars

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