January 2020 Wrap-Up

I’m finally rolling out a new type of blog post to break up the monotony of one book review after another. Back in December, when I  was creating my “Reading Resolutions”, I  came up with a couple different ideas for monthly blog post features. Well, neither of those came to be…mainly because I  have been too busy, but also because I  came up with some ideas I  like better.

Starting this month, I’ll be posting a monthly wrap-up at the end of each month. These posts will feature a recap of the books I  read, along with their ratings. Each wrap-up post will have additional details, but those may differ slightly from month to month.

Back to my reading resolutions…

I’ve realized once again that I  rarely stick to resolutions. I probably shouldn’t make them, but just like a TBR list for the month, it’s nice to have some kind of outline for what I’d like to achieve. One of my resolutions was to catch up on Stephen King reads, by including one King book per month on my TBR list. Well, I’ve already failed at that for January. I’m too much of a mood reader, and let’s be honest– I  have many other exciting books on my shelf. I’m breaking this commitment and instead focusing on reading whatever I’m in the mood for, along with any review books with a deadline that particular month.

And now, we get to the monthly wrap-up for January…

(I’ve placed a * next to my favorite reads this month)

A Terrible Beauty Graham Masterton 5 The 1st book in a mystery/thriller series by this author; set in Cork, Ireland. I loved it and have ordered most of the other books in the series.
Breathe, Breathe Erin Al-Mehairi 5 A great dark poetry collection!
Clickers Forever Various 5 I freaking love CLICKERS. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series.
Consequences* John Quick 5 My first read from this author—not my last. Absolutely loved this one!
The Possession of Natalie Glasgow Hailey Piper 3.5 A unique take on possession horror and a fun, quick read
Up Jumped the Devil J.F. Gonzalez 4 4 novellas linked by an occult theme-loved this topic and can’t wait to read more of his work
True Crime* Samantha Kolesnik 5 This is a stunning debut novel! Can’t wait to see what this author does next.
Those Below The Tree House* Matt Hayward 5 This was a beta read. My favorite novel from Matt Hayward so far—watch for the release date and pre-order this one. It’s so damn good. I’ll have a review up closer to the release date.


  • “TBR Talk”: a new post at the beginning of each month, featuring my loose TBR selections
  • Monthly Wrap-Up: these will now be regular monthly posts

I’ve got some other cool ideas in store, but they are still in development, and I’ve learned it’s best to start slowly with my attempts at adding new blog features. Stay tuned!



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