Book Review: BEAUTIFUL SORROWS by Mercedes M. Yardley

I absolutely loved Mercedes M. Yardley’s novella featured in the Lullabies for Suffering anthology. I found it so beautiful and heart wrenching that I immediately wanted more. Lucky for me, I had a copy of her collection Beautiful Sorrows already on my TBR cart.



The stories in this collection cover a wide range of topics and the writing is truly unique. Some stories made me laugh, others made me smile, and a few brought a tear to my eye. I love when a novel or short fiction collection can take me through a whole range of emotions. My top 5 stories in this collection were:

-BIG MAN BEN (overall favorite and one of the longest in the bunch. This story made me feel things.)





I’d like to note that I was book-hopping a bit too much while reading this collection, rather than reading it straight through. This made it a bit tougher for me to recollect my thoughts on each of my favorites, or else I’d have notes for all of my top 5. Perhaps it might be best not to have many notes, as these stories speak for themselves, and some really pack a punch in just a few pages—I’d rather other readers discover firsthand what makes them special.

If you like stories that give you “feels” and bring out the beauty that is often overlooked in horror, I recommend this collection. There’s something in here for everyone. I’m excited to read some longer pieces from this author, as her short fiction was amazing—I have no doubts I’ll be impressed with more.

Rating: 4/5 stars

Publisher: Apex Book Company

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