Book Review: A VOICE SO SOFT by Patrick Lacey

By now you know that I love music as much as reading, so when I saw the cover art and synopsis for this novel, I knew I had to read it. So far, I’ve never been disappointed in horror featuring bands or musical artists, and this story was no exception. When I read, I typically see the story play out like a movie in my mind. A Voice So Soft is one that I can totally picture as an actual film or television adaptation. The premise of the story is really creative, and I was entertained from start to finish. The beginning grabbed my attention immediately, and the ending was satisfying, yet left me wanting to read even more (this is a good thing).


This novel has several elements that made it a solid read for me—characters, setting, great pacing, and a dash of humor in the right places. The characters are memorable and relatable. I felt a lot of empathy for Shawna, and in general I really enjoyed following all of the characters’ story arcs. The story takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, during the Halloween season, which added the perfect element of spookiness, and I also liked the backstory that we got on events from Angie and Shawna’s childhood. There were some great pop culture/musical references sprinkled in (I always enjoy these) and I thought that the author did a great job portraying the insanity of pop star fandom (especially with an evil element added to the mix).

I’ve actually been hoarding several of Patrick Lacey’s novels for a bit, but hadn’t had a chance to read them yet. I think that A Voice So Soft was a great place for me to start. I’d love to know what happens next for the main characters in this story, although I’m not sure if there are plans for a sequel. If so, I’ll be in line to read it. I’m definitely moving Lacey’s other work up on my TBR list. Like the song in the story, this one will linger in your mind long after you’ve closed the pages.

4/5 Stars

Publisher: Grindhouse Press



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