Book Review: CLICKERS by J.F. Gonzalez & Mark Williams



Clickers is a book that’s been on my radar for awhile, but it took me awhile to get to it for a couple of reasons:

  1. I keep hoarding books, and my TBR piles are out of control.
  2. To be honest, I wasn’t sure if it was something I’d like all that much.

While on my recent used book hunt downstate, I came across a copy of this book, and took that as a sign that I needed to read it. So this past week, I sat down to start three books from my pile, and once I started Clickers, I couldn’t read anything else until I finished.

I’ve always been a fan of B horror movies, and that’s what I thought of when I saw the cover of this book. Those movies are fun but don’t have much substance—what I’m saying is I don’t go into watching one expecting much more than an outlandish storyline with wild creatures and a few laughs. But every once in awhile I’m pleasantly surprised. This is the case with some horror novels as well, especially the old 80s and 90s horror that we all love to collect. This was true for Clickers. This book was not at all what I expected, in the best way possible.

 In order to keep my sanity with reviews, I think I’m going to stick with “mini” reviews for books I read that were published 10+ years ago. I’m going with a slightly different style here, with some bullet points on my experience. Here are my thoughts:

-From the very beginning, I was invested in the main character, and grew fond of several others he met along his journey. Strong character development is usually at the top of my list for a book to rate 4 or 5 stars. I cared about these characters from the beginning to the end.

-The creatures truly creeped me out, and this whole thing played out like an action-packed movie in my mind—the gory descriptions are perfect and I’m fairly certain I wrinkled my nose and looked visibly shocked a few times while reading.

-There are some great pop culture/music references that I  loved– it made me nostalgic for the 90’s.

-I’ve been struggling over this past week, and this book was just what I needed. I was so immersed in the story that all of my preoccupations disappeared, at least for the time that I was reading. It was a much needed escape.

Overall, this is a fantastic read and I’d recommend it to all horror fans. It’s a true example of why not to judge a book by it’s cover or synopsis. I’m definitely interested in reading the other books in the Clickers universe. You’ll likely see those popping up on my social media accounts in the near future.

5/5 Stars


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