Book Review: CATTYWAMPUS by Robert Ford and John Boden

After finishing Rattlesnake Kisses recently, I’d been eyeing the copy of Cattywampus on my TBR cart. It didn’t take much to convince myself that I should just go ahead and read this one, as I didn’t want to leave Boden and Ford’s “Knucklebucket thang” universe so soon, and they have both claimed a spot on my favorite authors list.


In just over 100 pages, the authors have managed to tell another unforgettable tale. I  had no idea where this one was going, and it was a fun ride. I was cracking up at the dialogue and the characters’ antics by the second or third page, but then left in shock a couple of pages later when the story took a turn into more serious territory. Despite some serious moments, this one is still sprinkled with the bits of humor and heart I’ve come to expect from these authors. There are several twists and turns that you likely won’t see coming, and if you’ve read other work from these two, you’ll love that there are certain characters who make a brief appearance in this story. (On that note, this is enjoyable as a standalone, however, I’d highly recommend reading Rattlesnake Kisses and Spungunion prior to this one for a full appreciation of all that’s included). I can barely contain my excitement when I think of what’s next to come in this series! In the meantime, I’ll be daydreaming about what’s in store.

5/5 Stars

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