Book Review: THE PALE WHITE by Chad Lutzke

I can’t imagine a time I’ll ever be left emotionless by Chad Lutzke’s work. Every piece of his writing that I’ve read so far has pulled on the heartstrings. I expected nothing less when I read his newest novella, The Pale White, and it certainly delivered.


This story delivers moments that will make your skin crawl, and your heart will hurt for the characters who have endured so much pain. There are bits of revenge toward some of the horrific humans who’ve wronged them, and despite the terrible circumstances, we’re eventually left with a bit of hope for these characters. By the end it’s not all bleak– there are themes of redemption for some, and there’s a hint that these broken people might start anew.

I enjoyed that this was a sort of coming-of-age tale featuring female characters as the focus. The story moves so quickly and it’s hard to set it down once you start. There was palpable dread as I  accompanied these characters on their journey– multiple times I    feared that their plans for freedom might be interrupted and that they’d be forced back into their nightmarish life. I would’ve enjoyed seeing this book expanded even more to include additional backstory on the characters, as well as a further glimpse into their lives after they found their way home. Overall, this is another solid tale from Chad Lutzke, and I’m here for whatever comes next.

4/5 stars


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