Book Review: RATTLESNAKE KISSES by Robert Ford and John Boden

Over the past few months, I’ve had the pleasure of reading stories from both Bob Ford and John Boden, and both have secured a place on my favorite authors list. I had no doubt that a collaboration between the two would deliver, and it somehow exceeded my already high expectations.


It’s my understanding that Rattlesnake Kisses is just the beginning of the tales to come from Boden and Ford’s “Knucklebucket Thang” universe, and that thrills me to no end! This is a stellar collaboration, overflowing with all of the writing elements I’ve come to love from these authors. That includes strong character development, humor, and heart. I was thoroughly entertained by all of the characters, but I especially loved Dallas and the Kid. I loved the relationship between these two characters. The bond that they shared was a perfect example of how family doesn’t always mean blood-related, and how we can find our “tribe” in unexpected places. Of course, this story is also packed full of hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments that had me in stitches. It’s a page-turner with grit and some rough edges, rounded out by the humor and heartfelt emotion that I’ve come to love from these two authors.

You know the stories that you greedily devour while also wanting to slow down and savor every moment forever? Rattlesnake Kisses is one of those stories. It was honestly a pleasure to read. I finished it in less than 2 days, and it left me thirsty for not only a drink at the “Knuckle Bucket”, but also for what’s next from Ford and Boden.

5/5 Stars

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