Book Review: Night As a Catalyst by Chad Lutzke

Chad Lutzke has become one of my favorite authors this year, and for good reason. I loved his novellas OUT BEHIND THE BARN (with John Boden), THE SAME DEEP WATER AS YOU, and STIRRING THE SHEETS. I actually count myself lucky because I’ve yet to read several of his books, which means I’ll have more to tide me over until he releases new material. I adored his collection SPICY CONSTELLATION & OTHER RECIPES, and have never regretted becoming a patron of his early on in my reading of his work.

NIGHT AS A CATALYST was recently revised and expanded, and I thoroughly enjoyed this mix of short stories and flash fiction. My top five favorites (in no order) are:


-Splitting Pairs

-One for the Road

-One up a Tree


Something that I enjoy is when the author includes story notes, divulging a bit more information on the background of each tale. This really deepens the reading experience for me. Chad included these notes in SPICY CONSTELLATION as well, and this was something I truly loved having access to in each collection.

I know I sound like a broken record, but if you’re looking for horror with heart, look no further than Chad Lutzke’s writing. Until his new novel releases next month, I’ll be savoring his words in one of the few books I’ve got waiting on my shelf.

4/5 stars

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