Book Review: Spungunion by John Boden


While at STC Weekend, I  was thankfully able to snag a copy of the updated version of Spungunion by John Boden. After adoring Out Behind the Barn and Walk the Darkness Down, I didn’t wait long to jump into this novella.

The introduction by Bracken MacLeod was wonderful, as he perfectly described how I  feel about Boden’s writing. I myself have never been able to articulate these thoughts in spoken or written form, and found myself nodding my head and smiling in agreement as I  read through the intro.

This is a short tale, but like all of the other stories by this author, it is rich and full of everything I love in a book-bits of horror, humor, and heart. By the end of the story I felt like I’d been along for the ride in Deke’s truck, and the only thing I was missing was a soundtrack in the background. I  generally gobble up stories that give me feelings, and this one was no exception, with its main theme of grief and loss. I  lost my dad about two months ago, and while some may want to avoid stories on the topic while nursing a fresh emotional wound, for me it’s cathartic to embrace it.

I’m here for anything that John Boden writes, and if he wrote an epic tome, I’d be ecstatic. It would mean I’d have more time to wrap myself in his words, without the need to pace my reading in order to remain in this wonderful realm a bit longer.

5/5 Stars

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