Book Review: Sinkhole by John Wayne Comunale


While at Scares That Care weekend, I went to the “Bizarro Power Hour”, which was a late night reading. Six or so authors presented during this hour, and one of them was John Wayne Comunale. Instead of reading from one of his books, he told a real life story, which I  found highly entertaining. Because of how animated and hilarious his storytelling was, I  sought him out the following day and purchased several of his books. (I also found out that he has a podcast, which I’ve since listened to and am likely to keep in my regular rotation).

It was tough to choose which book to read first, as the plots all sounded equally entertaining. I ultimately chose to read Sinkhole first, and was not disappointed. This little novella is packed with some truly memorable characters (including a cat named Sandman), laugh-out-loud moments, and some horrific scenes that are burned into my brain. The story was perfectly paced; there was initial tension between the characters of Reggie and his wife, Betsy, and this was only amplified as the sinkhole began to grow and reveal its contents. Comunale also has a flair for figurative language that intensifies the image in the reader’s mind. There were several lines I read two or three times because I  thought they added so much to the description of the scene.

I won’t say more for fear of spoilers. If you’re a fan of the bizarro horror genre, or just looking for a short but solid horror story, look no further than this creative tale!

5/5 Stars

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