Book Review: On This, the Day of the Pig


If you’re a Malermaniac like me, there’s not much I can tell you about Josh Malerman’s writing that you don’t already know. Each of his stories is unique and imaginative, and as much as I’d like to savor each book, I always end up flying through them within a short amount of time.

On This, the Day of the Pig, now rivals Black Mad Wheel for the position of my favorite Malerman book. I certainly found it to be the creepiest of his novels so far, and I’ll never see a pig in the same way again. I loved everything about this book! The pacing is excellent; the action begins right at the beginning, and it never lets up from that point on. This book has everything you’d want in a horror novel. You can feel the tension, the characters are well-developed, there are moments of gore, and it will also make you think. Not only was I scared, but I also cycled through other emotions while engrossed in this tale. There was even a moment in the story that made tears spring to my eyes.

This book is available as a limited release from Cemetery Dance. If you are a Malerman fan, or just simply love horror, do yourself a favor and pick this one up.

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