Smonday Blues in the Dead of Winter

I tend to have anxiety on Sundays, and have a hard time relaxing knowing that Monday is coming. I  recently found out that I’m rather allergic to dust mites and mold, so a deep cleaning of the house was needed this weekend. I’m not exactly the best about dusting…looks like that needs to change. It also turns out that I’m moderately allergic to my cats, but that I can deal with, as I won’t send them away!

I  haven’t had as much time for reading as I’d like this weekend, but I did finish “Dead Leaves” by Kealan Patrick Burke last night. Here is my full 5 star review:

Kealan Patrick Burke has permanently claimed a spot on my favorites shelf. Dead of Winter, his second seasonal collection of stories, is my favorite so far. Burke’s writing showcases the reality that horror is much more than just scares. This collection contains stories that are haunting, but it also explores themes of grief/loss, regret, guilt, and resentment.

My favorite stories were:

-Doomsday Father Christmas

-Black Static (not even two full pages, but it packs a punch)

-Visitation Rights


The stories in this collection gave me chills, made me smile or chuckle at times, and also left me a bit melancholy-in the best way possible.

As always, I can’t wait to add more to my KPB collection!


If you’re reading this, thanks for stopping by, and have a great week ahead!

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